Healthy Summer Drinks

1. Buttermilk

Healthy Summer Drinks - Buttermilk - Nutrition and Wellness - Beyond Mirror

Buttermilk is a refreshing and healthy drink .It is a fermented dairy drink . Also known as chaas it is a cool drink during the summer time. It is high in vitamins and also low in fats.To make chaas blend in yoghurt with herbs and some spices.

2. Coconut Water

Healthy Summer Drinks - Coconut Water - Nutrition and Wellness - Beyond Mirror

Adding chia seeds, lemon juice and honey to coconut water makes it a cooling summer drink. It is healthy and is a natural energy booster.

3. Cucumber Lemonade

Healthy Summer Drinks - Cucumber lemonade - Nutrition and Wellness - Beyond Mirror

Blend sliced cucumber, lemon juice , mint leaves and some water. This drink is rich in vitamin c and supports weight loss . It is good for our immune system.