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It’s important to maintain a balance

It’s a common misconception according to people that if it’s healthy, you can eat as much as you want, but it’s important to limit eating, no matter how healthy the snack.

The timing you eat is important for weight loss. Starving all day and eating a big meal at the end of the day has more negative effects than positive. No matter how nutritious a meal is, if eaten too late in the day, one does not have the time to burn it off and use it for fuel for the day. It ends up being stored in a body gas tank (the fat cells/adipose tissues) you can’t readily access. 

Reaching your goal weight is just the starting! 

If you let up once you start losing weight, you will gain it all back! The good news is that when you start losing weight, it becomes easier to do more things like spending extra time on the treadmill or doing more resistance training reps. The idea is to continuously challenge yourself and be your best healthy self.

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